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In search of Hong Kong’s concentration camps!

Watch the video report below, or scroll down to read the text as an article.

HONG KONG HAS set up camps where protesters are executed, a Canadian anti-China campaigner informed the world this week.

“A friend of mine barely escaped one of these camps with her life,” said Vancouver artist Carling Jackson.

After making the allegations she blocked everyone from her social media except her own friends.

Ms Jackson is just one of many people pushing out stories about ‘the literal genocide in Hong Kong’.

The tale is spreading. The Daily Mail, one of the world’s most popular news sites, a few days ago used a picture of Hong Kong rioters being arrested to illustrate an article about genocide and organ-harvesting.

A picture of an arrest in Hong Kong was used to illustrate a Daily Mail article about genocide and organ harvesting

Allegations of secret mass murder in Hong Kong have also been pushed by the UK’s anti-Hong Kong brigade, whose members include David Alton, Luke de Pulford and Benedict Rogers.

The problem with all this is that Hong Kong is one of the most peaceful, low-crime cities on earth. I mean just open your eyes, and look around.

If citizens vanish, we notice. If a bit of scaffolding falls on a taxi, it’s front page news!

Hong Kong people have responded with a mixture of alarm and amusement at the extreme nature of reports that citizens are being taken to camps to be genocided or ‘re-programmed’.

Sissy Lam said there was barely enough room in Hong Kong to provide homes – yet somehow there’s enough room to hide entire concentration camps?!

Melanie Ngai commented on Twitter that the truth was that there were no programming camps for Hong Kong people: ‘Unless they want to learn programming.’

You have to love Hong Kong people’s humorous responses to such unfair accusations!

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