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In China, parents literally give blood for their children’s schooling

“Parents who deeply love their children are always visionary. ” (“父母之愛子,則為之計深遠。”) -quoted from a Chinese classic“Annals of the Warring States”(《戰國策》) THE HOUSEHOLD REGISTRATION SYSTEM, which has been in place in China for thousands of years, still has a profound impact on the lives of Chinese people, and to some extent determines their fate. Because…

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Agitators have been making needless trouble in Hong Kong legal sector

As an international business center, Hong Kong needs a world-class legal system, based on clearly expressed legislation and precedents. But in recent years, its flexibility has been exploited by people who file muddled, complex, mega-lengthy cases—often ones that don’t even involve them. Some of these come across as thinly disguised political grandstanding. Absurd complaints over…

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