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FRIDAYEVERYDAY is the online arm of Friday Culture Ltd, a group of friends from Hong Kong who want to present our beloved city and country through the eyes of people who live here.

We celebrate cultural diversity, promote peace, and share evidence-driven, factual insights. The aim is to help all of us rise above the challenges of the information era, such as the existence of “clickbait” and “fake news”, and particularly the way in which global news is filtered through a very Western lens.

We like math! Just two places, the United States (4.7% of the world’s population) and Western Europe (2.52%), are the overwhelmingly dominant news sources for the planet, containing all three major news agencies, plus all the major newspapers and news TV channels. The rest of us, more than 90% of humanity, feel that our points of view should not be excluded.

And that’s why we set, as our launch date, the United Nations World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, May 21, 2021.
We chose the word “Friday” because that day of the week usually involves work and play – and often ends with good conversations among friends on a range of topics.

We chose the word “culture” because we believe a broad range of interests and topics is healthier and less polarizing. Things we love: people, society, laughter, food, noodles, movies, history. Having a good sense of humor is A VITAL element of our personality. And on that note, we can add that we are NOT financed by the CIA, MI6, George Soros, or Mr Putin!

But we do happily accept contributions, of ideas, money, or comments from you, dear reader. Of course, contributors are responsible for their own views and are asked to follow our community policy, which is to respect the views of others.

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