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EXCLUSIVE: Taiwan tension is latest stage of a precision-engineered plan

  • Hong Kong’s ‘One country two systems’ worked so well it had to be destroyed, with Beijing blamed. Same will happen to the ‘Strategic Ambiguity’ policy in Taiwan
  • The Tibet genocide, the death of Hong Kong, the Xinjiang genocide and the Taiwan “incursions” are chapters of the same false narrative
  • By slowly boiling the frog, the aim is to draw Beijing into overstepping its own red lines

THE RECENT ORCHESTRATED surge of happenings and events regarding mounting tensions between Taiwan and mainland China are not simply spontaneous, as they are being presented by the mainstream Western media. On the contrary, they are very calculated moves forming a pressure valve exercise on the part of the US and its allies.

The aim is to incrementally boil the frogs and draw Beijing closer to its own red lines.


The steps are by no means uncoordinated. My interpretation of this process is that current happenings are building on events that have played out in Hong Kong from 2019 to now, and in Taiwan starting from 2014 and still ongoing at this moment.

Other issues feed the narrative on China, some directly, some related more broadly. These include the Xinjiang Uyghurs, Tibet, human rights, and the South China Seas—these feed into the main story, often through engineered geopolitical events.

Sponsored, exaggerated events create a ring of pain for the developing nation; Graphic: fridayeveryday

Over the past few years each of these issues act as pressure points which are brought into play as and when they are required. This has become much more visible since 2017. The recent run of events and actions regarding Taiwan particularly builds on the happenings and events that took place in Hong Kong since 2019. 


The primary purpose of the Hong Kong protests was certainly not the advancement of democracy, nor was it merely to cause internal randomised conflict in Hong Kong.

The protests were never about democracy; picture: Wikimedia Commons

They were designed to attack the very principle of the One Country Two Systems policy and engineer social division in Hong Kong. The policy was originally implemented to serve several key objectives.

However, in the context of the current situation regarding Taiwan, they were designed to set a precedent. The Chinese Central Government has always stated the intention to apply the One Country Two Systems policy to Taiwan. Hong Kong was the role model.

The architects of the China containment and destabilization strategy realized they had a problem. One Country Two Systems was actually working!

The One Country Two Systems policy worked, with Hong Kong peaceful and thriving, and nine out of ten of citizens opposing independence. Opposition to the extradition bill in 2019 provided the opportunity to ratchet up trouble with classic “hybrid destabilization” techniques. Image: Fridayeveryday


So they set about undermining the successful policy to coincide with the pre-engineered elevation of tensions with China on multiple fronts. This multi-faceted, full spectrum, hybrid destabilization strategy of China has been formulated and propagated over many years. It transcends US Presidents and administrations. 

Hong Kong protests, expressing love of Trump and the US military, were engineered to anger the Chinese, who turned out to be unexpectedly patient; images from multiple news sources

We’ve simply been watching the manufacturing of consent for the climax of its implementation over the past few years.


And oh, don’t the mainstream media outlets eagerly and willingly rush to play their role in this game! They perform their part, often with glee, by engineering outrage within the pliable target audience required to support these neo-colonial aspirations.

The simple reality of the current US strategy and increasing tensions regarding Taiwan is the use of “erosion tactics of the One China Policy. Citing the length of the examples (below) ­serves a reinforcement purpose, but the nature of them is confirmatory of the actual intent.

The US has made a continuous stream of provocative acts and statements designed to rock the Taiwan boat, but the media has consistently chosen to portray China as the party stirring up trouble


Therefore, with regards to Taiwan, the reality is this behavior will exponentially accelerate throughout November and December 2021.

There’s certainly more coming. The choreographing is somewhat precision-based and sequential.


It’s patently obvious that the US is preparing the ground to abandon the Strategic Ambiguity Policy. The US is faced with a situation whereby Strategic Ambiguity has run its course. It, like the One Country Two Systems policy, has been working to maintain the status quo.

Therein lies the problem: they need to change the status quo. President Biden’s recent successive gaffes regarding providing military interventionist support to Taiwan should be viewed in the context that he was actually speaking the truth.

He obviously hasn’t read the memo about not being truthful.

Phil Hynes is a regional risk analyst based in Hong Kong specializing in international geopolitics

Image at the top is a montage of photos by Craig Whitehead/ Unsplash


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