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China news

Two sessions: China faces economic challenges as it climbs the value chain

SOME COMMENTATORS are saying that China's annual parliamentary meeting is undramatic this year. This is because they haven't seen announcements about injections of public money that some economists were hoping for. And growth targets were set modestly, at “around 5%” for GDP growth and 3% for the annual budget deficit. The BBC’s sour correspondent dismissed…

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In China, parents literally give blood for their children’s schooling

“Parents who deeply love their children are always visionary. ” (“父母之愛子,則為之計深遠。”) -quoted from a Chinese classic“Annals of the Warring States”(《戰國策》) THE HOUSEHOLD REGISTRATION SYSTEM, which has been in place in China for thousands of years, still has a profound impact on the lives of Chinese people, and to some extent determines their fate. Because…

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