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Hong Kong ‘can host global BRI sports event’

Hong Kong ‘can host global BRI sports event’

City’s delegates are sharing ideas for the future at NPC in Beijing

HONG KONG CAN USE its stadiums to host a global sports event for Belt and Road nations, philanthropist Herman Hu Shao-ming said this week.

And “brain health” should be a major focus for China from now on, said Hong Kong scientist Nancy Ip Yuk-yu.

Hong Kong delegates to China’s annual parliamentary gatherings have been submitting ideas and proposals to the 14th National People’s Congress to boost the fortunes of the city and the nation.

Ms Ip of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology said China should establish more research centers to study healthy ageing. It was important to implement national action plans to deal with an older population, and to roll out more support measures for medical and healthcare industries, she told China Daily.

Herman Hu Shao-ming

Professor Herman Hu, a businessman known for supporting cultural and sports events, put forward five recommendations at a preparatory meeting of all the city’s delegates.

1. Hong Kong delegates can be invited to join official NPC tours outside China.

2. Hong Kong can host a major sports event to which all Belt and Road participating counties can be invited to join.

3. Hong Kong can participate in a joint project to construct and use world-class environmentally-friendly waste treatment facilities in the Greater Bay Area.

4. Hong Kong can act as host to national-level sports events.

5. Hong Kong can benefit from a gradual expansion of China’s Individual Travel Scheme to more Mainland cities, and take advantage of more integration with the Greater Bay Area.


There are 36 Hong Kong people, known as “deputies”, attending the Lianghui (Two Sessions) annual meeting in Beijing at the moment. Many expressed their excitement at the changes going on in the world today, and were interested in the speedy development of the country.

Hong Kong can become a world-class hub of life science talent, Professor Ip told reporter Amber Wu.

Nancy Ip: we can focus on healthy ageing and brain health.

Meanwhile, Professor Hu reported that Hong Kong deputies met with Mainland, Hong Kong and foreign journalists in the Hong Kong Hall of the Great Hall of the People on Wednesday, informing the media on concerned issues relating to the city and discussing some of the suggestions put forward by Hong Kong deputies.

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Image at the top shows an artists’ impression of the new Hong Kong Sports Park at Kai Tak. Image from the sports park organization.

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