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In China, parents literally give blood for their children’s schooling

“Parents who deeply love their children are always visionary. ” (“父母之愛子,則為之計深遠。”) -quoted from a Chinese classic“Annals of the Warring States”(《戰國策》) THE HOUSEHOLD REGISTRATION SYSTEM, which has been in place in China for thousands of years, still has a profound impact on the lives of Chinese people, and to some extent determines their fate. Because…

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Monet steals the show at extraordinary Hong Kong art exhibition

WANT TO LEARN the history of western art in a single afternoon? The Hong Kong Palace Museum is showcasing the UK National Gallery's prestigious painting collection - with 52 of the world’s finest masterpieces painted by fifty influential artists over a 400-year period. All the big names are there, including Botticelli, Raphael, Titian, Caravaggio, Rembrandt,…

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Groundbreaking animation tells tale of extraordinary Chinese poet

Chinese filmmakers have created a dramatic animated movie in the Disney-Pixar style, with 3D characters in thrilling adventures. Yet at the same, "30,000 Miles From Chang'an" is also very different. It celebrates Chinese history, telling the story of China's most famous poet, and it is unapologetically educational: it has 48 classic Chinese poems scattered throughout…

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