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A question of global importance

ABOUT THREE YEARS AGO, economists noted that China would likely soon become the world’s largest economy.  Almost immediately, a heavy flow of negative news reports about China started to fill the international media. It has never stopped.

Almost all international news comes from sources rooted in just two places, the United States and Western Europe, areas which comprise less than 10% of the world’s population.

How can the rest of us tell our story? How can the people of the world, and particularly the people of China, play a role in international communications? How can a fairer and more accurate account of what is happening in Hong Kong be delivered? It’s a very real challenge, when the rules of the game and the channels of debate are controlled by the people criticizing us.

Nevertheless, Chinese people are upbeat and hopeful. Our young people are creative, our tech companies are innovative, and our workers are hitting their targets. Maybe the stereotype of Asians as people who don’t like confrontation, but prefer to quietly get things done, has some truth to it.

This fascinating topic, featuring a wide range of thoughtful panelists, will take place on Monday.

* * *

International Communication in the New Era, a half-day conference, will run from 2 pm on May 31, 2021. Because of virus restrictions, a limited number of people will be physically present at the event at the China Life Center in Kowloon, but the event will be live-streamed on many platforms. (See the poster at the bottom for information.)

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