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Russiagate shown to be hoax, embarrassing media

WATCH THE THREE minute video report below or scroll down for a text version of this story.

THERE’S HUGE DRAMA in the international media scene at the moment. Remember what happened to the ‘confirmed’ news that ‘China interfered in the US election’?

US intelligence eventually admitted that China had not actually interfered at all.

The same thing has just happened with Russiagate. The key sources behind that scandal also admitted it was fake from beginning to end.

The now debunked story claimed a dossier really existed revealing Trump’s misbehavior with Russian spies in Moscow.

It also said that allegations that the Biden family had a secret deal with a wealthy Chinese family had been shown to be fake, merely Russian disinformation.

Today we learn that the opposite was true in both cases. The Trump dossier never existed and the Biden family’s secret deal with rich Chinese folk DID exist.

The Russiagate story was presented as true by the world’s most powerful media: Washington Post, MSNBC, the Guardian, and so on.

“Fact check” websites told the world’s public that details had been confirmed and could be trusted.

The CIA and British intelligence people backed up the story. The claims were repeatedly published shortly before the US election and helped Biden win his narrower-than-expected victory.

Yet the most shocking fact is this: the reporters who wrote the now completely debunked stories won Pulitzer Prizes.

I think I can accurately say that independent reporters are shocked at the mainstream media.

Glenn Greenwald, a famous investigative journalist, said this morning: “The vast majority of disinformation, propaganda and lies that flooded the country over the last five years did not come from MAGA [Make America Great Again] boomers on Facebook or 4Chan teenagers but from the largest and most influential liberal corporate media outlets.”

Which is why I always say: Stay skeptical.

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