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Can ships steal an island?


[Transcript: 2 mins]

Chinese dredgers are stealing Taiwan bit by bit, the Nikkei Asia magazine reports. [Image] Stealing Taiwan! That’s so evil! That makes Western colonialism seem like a good thing in comparison, right? Anyway, it must be true because this magazine seems to specialise in bad news about China. [Images of magazine covers]

In possibly related news, surveys show that the public has lost much of its trust in the media, inspiring a talk on that subject later today called “From Trust to Dust”. [Image of seminar notice]

Bad news from Australia. There’s a secret china plot against the Great Barrier reef, we read in the Daily Mail. [Image] What is this devious ploy from Beijing? [Image] Well, a UN committee, CHAIRED BY A CHINESE PERSON, has called for environmental protection for the reef, which could affect Australian businesses. 

This shows how the United Nations is a ‘CCP puppet’, says Dr Joe, with a touch of sarcasm. [Image]

Over to finance. Earlier, Bitcoin was described as a “Chinese financial weapon” on Bloomberg, Obukowsky reminds us. [Image] And now the same Bloomberg is reporting that China is crushing Bitcoin. [Image] How can both be true, one wonders?

America’s Tom Cotton says we must boycott the 2022 Beijing Olympics because China wants to collect the DNA of athletes so they can built communist super-soldiers. [Image] I wonder if Mr Cotton might be better employed writing plots for Hollywood action films? [Image of Gordon Chang quote about obtaining DNA from athletes’ poop.]

And finally… Coronavirus might shrink parts of the brain, we read from the Sydney Morning Herald. [Image] Over on Twitter, Richard Bardon [Image] comments: “Boris Johnson has an excuse now.” He sure does.


* * *

Main picture by Pangus Bangestu/ Pexels

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