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3 predictions the writers hope will be forgotten

WATCH THIS REPORT as a two-minute video, below, or scroll down to read it in print.

The Economist earlier this year confidently told the world that China would fail to achieve a reasonable level of vaccination until late in 2022. Here’s the chart.

But the data shows that China speedily achieved one of the world’s highest levels, eighty-one percent, more than a year before the date given by the authoritative UK publication.

The New York Times said that Chinese vaccines used in Asia, Africa and South America, were not working, in contrast with Western vaccines used in the USA and the UK (image below).

Now let’s look at the actual data today (below). We can see that the regions with fewer cases are Asia, Africa and South America, and the places with very significantly more cases are the USA and the UK.

Now obviously there are a lot of different factors involved but it’s hard not to notice that the outcome is the diametric opposite of the New York Times’ report.
Here’s a chart from 2019, when Covid was already in Europe and America, showing that the countries which can best handle a pandemic are the US and the UK.

How wrong can you be? You look at that now and you think ookkaayy.

Now I’m not going to make my own predictions because I am not a medical scientist. I want to make a different point.

There are some things which should really NOT be ruined by politicization. I think most people agree that one such topic is sports, which celebrates the physical achievements of all humanity. Music is another. Science topics, including the pandemic, also works better if it is not politicized.

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Image at the top from: c-d-x / Unsplash

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