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Power cuts in China, a CIA plot, and ‘the strangest genocide ever’

China is sacrificing economic growth to battle climate change, numerous financial analysts are saying. The country is suffering unprecedented numbers of power cuts because it wants to meet global emissions-reduction targets to save the world. How evil!

Or is it? Surely sacrificing economic growth to fight climate change is precisely what every country on earth should be doing.

I’ll be intrigued to see if one, just one, commentator from the mainstream media, will actually admit this!

I may be waiting a long time!

A two-minute news round up from Friday’s editor

MEANWHILE, THE front page lead of the New York Times is about the Uyghurs. Oh no, now what have the evil Chinese done to them?

The article says the Taliban in Afghanistan may be willing to hand over Uyghurs living there to the Chinese.

Way down on an inside page, it quotes an “expert” who says the Taliban has not previously demonstrated an obvious willingness to hand over Uyghurs to the Chinese.

So, the story just sort of collapses.

FROM LONDON, journalist Carlos Martinez reports this morning that the infant mortality rate in Xinjiang was a shocking 26 per 1,000 in 2010; now it’s just 6.7 per 1,000. His comment: “This really is the very strangest of genocides.”

IT HAS NOW been revealed that the CIA planned to murder Julian Assange, an Australian journalist working in London. Now, clearly Australian leader Scott Morrison needs to react with hard hitting sanctions, right? Right? Hello? Is anybody there?

A NEW PROFESSIONAL football player named Enijiran is making waves in China. He’s an ethnic Uyghur from north Xinjiang. Oh no! The Chinese are forcing Uyghurs to become sports stars now! How evil!


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