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NYT supports push to condition US citizens for one million pandemic deaths

WHEN WILL THE number of US Covid deaths reach the tragic figure of one million? We’ve done the maths and can give you an estimate date.  

But first a puzzle:

As the number of deaths reached milestones like 100,000, the New York Times went big on the story.

In May 2020, a huge number of names were recorded across several pages of the paper, including the front page.

Now that number has reached 900,000, but it was played down with a headline saying that the American people were “moving on”.

The US public poured onto social media to say that they were not moving on. One man made a video showing the huge number of deaths in the Vietnam war and pointing that the memorial would have to be 15 times larger to record the names of US Covid victims.

What’s really happening here?

The White House has quietly decided that the news angle needed to change from Covid as a continuing problem to Covid as something to “move on from”. Someone from the White House appears to have leaked it to Politico.

So New York Times reporters are doing their job to echo a discreet government plan to reshape public opinion.

Wait, what? That’s not their job. Journalists report the news—they don’t manipulate public opinion for the authorities. “What is this, China?” one could say. They are certainly behaving like the type of state media in Singapore or other Asian places that they normally condemn.

Now readers should keep that in mind when you think of the Western reports about Ukraine, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Xinjiang etc. In all cases, so-called free and independent journalism runs in line with US foreign policy.


Meanwhile, when will the number of Covid deaths in the US sadly reach one million? Our projections say it will be the second half of next month, that’s March, or the first half of April.

A tragic day. Which is why the White House wants people to move on. And why the New York Times has coincidentally started reporting that the American people want to move on.

Read widely. Stay skeptical.

Photo at the top by Christina Langford-Miller on Unsplash

A video version of this report is available here.

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