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HK Water World set to make a splash

SNEAK PEEK! One of world’s most spectacular water parks is just weeks away from opening as long as Hong Kong’s vaccination rates continue to climb and infection rates fall. The HK$4 billion Water World is set to open in August as a spectacular side attraction to Ocean Park.

Simulated shot of open park

The new area will feature an enormous 18-lane water slide, an indoor surfing simulator, wave pools and a “Lazy River” feature. And, if you don’t mind splashing out for creature comforts, a Fullerton Hotel is being built as part of the range of facilities in the area.

But there are still many elements being discussed — such as whether to offer visitors water-proof Covid masks.

Many of the rides have been built into the terrace hillside to make the most of the spectacular natural views of the South China Sea.

“Ocean Park Water World will be the first and only waterfront water park in Southeast Asia with connected terraced platforms offering stunning views of the South China Sea,” Bryan Howard Fish, executive director of Ocean Park Water World, told the press.

Facilities have been designed so that visitors can use the park year round in a variety of weather conditions.

Simulated picture of the completed park

There will be 27 attractions to visit, divided into five “zones”.

“Rainbow Rush” is a particularly Instagrammable slide. You take one of eight lanes and zoom down a multicoloured water slide on a mat – but then find yourself in a pitch black pipe, twisting and turning.

Suddenly you shoot out, back into the light, diving along the rest of the slide, almost 100 meters to the end.

“Cyclone Spin” and “Tropical Twist” are two rides sharing one tower. You descend at high speed along a water trail either on a “double tube” or riding solo.

Then there’s “Vortex!” Remember Tom Cruise diving into a huge water funnel in one of the Mission Impossible movies? In this ride, riders face each other on a cloverleaf-shaped tube.
They shoot into a huge bowl, travelling 360 degrees before plunging into an enormous funnel. Basically, it’s the sort of thing that gives any adult nightmares, but young people will love it.

There will be 27 attractions, ranging from spectacular slides to family pools

Other facilities include a surfing simulator, many indoor water attractions, and, for the terminally lazy, a man-made beach.

Simulated picture of entrance

Ocean Park was a surprise success story. Expected to shut after Hong Kong Disneyland opened, instead it beat Disneyland for visitor numbers for 12 years. However, it was hard hit from 2019, when there was a sharp drop in visitors from Mainland China.

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Main picture: Kason Tsui/ Google Maps

Other images: Ocean Park

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