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Friday Beyond Spotlights returns for in-depth conversations

NO! HONG KONG IS NOT a cultural desert. On the contrary, it has a world-class range of museums, orchestras, and arts events, says Winnie Tam, chairperson of the amazing new Palace Museum, which has received rave reviews from visitors.

Ms Tam will be the featured guest in the inaugural episode of season two of Friday Beyond Spotlights, which will air tomorrow (Friday December 2).

Watch the introductory video or scroll down for more information

Following shows will feature other notable guests, including businessman Anthony Lam, the rice king of Hong Kong. As well as culture and business, the new season of the show will focus on topics of special interest, including sports and Chinese medicine.

The weekly conversation show, launched earlier this year, made a splash with its unusual format, in which a single guest would have an in-depth conversation with one of the hosts, Patrick Tsang On-yip or Nick Chan Hiu-fung.

The guests talk about their areas of special knowledge, but also provide an entertaining glimpse of their lives outside the spotlight.

In season one, former Hong Kong leader CY Leung revealed his first job, selling fish and chips at a takeaway in Britain.

Businessman Allan Zeman told the story of how he made his first million dollars in Hong Kong while still in his teens.

From the political scene, Bernard Chan revealed how a childhood illness gave him a purpose in life.

But there was also a lot of thought-provoking insight from senior people in government and politics, too, with Teresa Cheng saying that Hong Kong’s legal and financial system would continue after 2047 and Maria Tam speaking about how “One Country, Two Systems” was originally designed for Taiwan.

The show appears on the free-to-air Channel 76, Hong Kong International Business Channel at 8.30 pm on Fridays and repeated at 10.30 am on Sundays. Shows are also made available on various OTT platforms and later made available on YouTube.


Herman Hu Shao-ming

Season two will also feature a third co-host and seasoned business maverick, Herman Hu Shao-ming. The show is informative and light-hearted, he said. “For example, in each episode, there is a rapid fire session lasting 60 seconds when the guest must provide instant answers to questions posed to them,” he adds. “Our guests also share a personal item of memorabilia with the audience, which shed some fascinating light on their personal life, likes and dislikes; and they don’t leave without offering an inspirational tip for success with the younger generation.”

Nick Chan said the show had a positive message about life, work and play in Hong Kong.  “Guests will be sharing their ingenuity, passion and grit – the elements that formulate our celebrated Lion Rock spirit,” he said.

Image at the top from Friday Beyond Spotlights

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