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Firms stop using Uyghur staff, can’t win

Video news review: July 22, 2021 

[Transcript: 2m26s].Companies in China have stopped employing Uyghur people from Xinjiang and they are refusing to hire any more of them (as I said ages ago).


That’s interesting.


If you provide employment to Uyghurs, you’ll get attacked for using “Muslim slaves”.

If you don’t provide employment to Ugyhurs, you’ll get attacked for refusing to hire them.

You can’t win.


Anyway, the article is an exclusive from the Wall St Journal.


I wonder who has been pushing the Muslim slaves angle?

Oh look, here’s a Wall Street Journal op-ed article.


Look at the headline:

“Did a Muslim slave make your Chinese shirt?”

* * *

Today’s New York Times goes out of its way to associate the Pegasus spying expose with China – although China has literally nothing to do with it. As I said yesterday, clients for Pegasus were chosen by Beacon, a group run by ex-US intelligence operatives.

* * *

The South China Morning Post has a good piece in its opinion section: “Like it or not, the Chinese model will be exported.” See that?


“Countries looking to become prosperous will surely consider the mainland formula” writes s. George Marano, an Australian academic.

He writes: “The Western consensus still appears to be that China adopting democracy is a question of not if, but when.” He says that they “exhibit a form of denial”.

* * *

Meanwhile, Badiuciao, the Chinese Australian cartoonist adored by the Hong Kong Free Press and other Western media, produced a cartoon about people drowning in China.

[image] .

You know, Badiuciao, that’s not actually funny. 

The China demonizers really are their own worst enemies.

* * *

Here’s something that IS funny. Remember Steve Bannon and Miles Guo, and their fake Chinese super-scientist Dr Li Meng-yan? 


Together, from America, they poisoned a million minds against China and Hong Kong.

Well, the three seem to have had a big fight – and now are threatening to send Dr Li back to Hong Kong.


Er, no thank you guys!

Why don’t you keep her?


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