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Christmas in China, Pillar of Shame, and other videos

FRIDAYEVERYDAY has an active YouTube channel, and many of our videos are also uploaded onto Twitter and Facebook and other social media channels. Below are some of our latest:

Almost all nations limit political office to people who swear oaths to their constitutional documents, just as in Hong Kong
Here’s an example of how a news-faker tries to spread false news and gets quickly debunked by people who value the truth and know how to do research
Media reports say the Pillar of Shame is a statue made to commemorate the “Tiananmen Square massacre”, but it was actually made for an event in Europe and features mainly Caucasian faces. Several have been erected and removed in several places.
Numerous times over the years we have read that China has killed Christmas, and this year is no exception — the real story is very different

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Image at the top by Danny Feng/ Unsplash

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