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Zero Covid: reactions to NZ versus China

It’s amusing to compare the rapturous headlines from when New Zealand achieved zero covid, not long ago, to today’s negative ones for China; This report can be read as text, by scrolling down, or watched as a video, by clicking here.

HAVE YOU HEARD what the Chinese are doing now? They are forcing their citizens to not die of Covid. I know, it’s shocking, right?

Zero covid is portrayed as the worst thing ever. The New York Times reported that it caused people to be locked in a store overnight with free food and movies, oh no! Well, that’s worse than dying horribly, right?

Just for fun, I decided to look up the headlines printed, not very long ago, when zero covid was achieved by a group of white people. Take a look at a few, below.

Look at the upbeat headlines. And the huge smiles.

British parliamentarians even tabled a motion calling on their government to also implement a zero covid strategy.

And here’s the Guardian, summing up a Bloomberg survey which said that the achievement of Zero Covid was the world’s best response to the virus.

But now the Chinese are doing it, Zero Covid has become the world’s worst idea, and we have a torrent of articles asking how long will Mainland China and Hong Kong hold on to such an obviously dumb idea?

Yet here’s a mystery. A third member of the Chinese family of economies, Taiwan, also has a super tough anti-virus system built around a zero covid policy – but where are the negative articles about Taiwan? Just asking.

Interesting difference there.

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