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‘West should breed babies, build new Hong Kong’

UK RIGHTWINGERS WANT to generate thirty million new British babies to stop any forthcoming global leadership by Chinese people—and convert British seaside towns into “new Hong Kongs” to house them.

The British campaigners are joining a US campaign to “breed” their way into maintaining Western dominance on the planet. “Save the West,” said Tom Harwood, a media personality who writes in the Daily Mail and appears on TV channel GB News. “Have lots of kids.”

The new panic is over the fact that while China’s birthrate is low, Asians and Africans in general have more children than Westerners. “We must have as many babies as possible,” said a headline on the UK Daily Telegraph last week (picture below).

To stop China becoming dominant, “There should be a billion Americans and a nine figure number of Brits,” said Harwood. (Current populations: USA: 329m; UK:68m.)

The huge numbers of newly generated Brits can be housed in one or more new Hong Kongs, generated from current British seaside settlements, Harwood says, tweeting a picture of Hong Kong island waterfront with a caption “Grimsby 2032”. (Grimsby is a small coastal town in the UK.)

The Brits are following the strategy of Bloomberg columnist Matthew Yglesias who wrote One Billion Americans, a book calling on Americans to breed the West back into global significance.

“We need flashy skyscrapers and millions of homes. Time for Hong Kong 2.0,” said Harwood.


The problem is that this segment of the right wing in both the US and the UK want a large boost in their populations, but remain strongly anti-immigration.

This has not gone unnoticed by the public when discussing the scheme on social media. Max Simpson said: “There is no shortage of people in the world to fill any perceived level of under-population in the West, but that’s not what this is really all about is it?”

“When you’re talking about immigration we’re overpopulated; when you’re talking about birthrate we’re underpopulated,” said a commenter named Scruffy. “I wonder qwhite [sic] what the difference is here?”

The pro-breeding campaign to “save the West” wants Grimsby (above) to be turned into a new Hong Kong (below); pictures by Wikimedia Commons (top) and Paulo Evangelista/ Unsplash (below)


Meanwhile, residents of seaside towns in the UK do not want to be converted into “new Hong Kongs” and have wasted no time expressing this thought to Mr Harwood.

“This is the problem with people like yourself. Seasides do not want to be huge cities,” said Edwin Coleman. “That’s why we do not live in huge cities. How have you been allowed a platform with your infant views?”

Artist Jenny Lupton was even more blunt to Harwood: “I hope that’s tongue in cheek, otherwise your idiocy is unparalleled.”

Image at the top by Davide Ragusa/ Unsplash

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