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Wave of pledges as Hong Kong people pull together

YOUNG PEOPLE, property tycoons, pop stars and truck drivers are pulling together to fight the Omicron wave in Hong Kong. There was a wave of pledges yesterday. Here are 12 things that people are doing.

  1. Hong Kong youth groups said they’d co-ordinate a free transportation service to move nurses, doctors, and medical goods
  2. Property tycoon Peter Lee Ka-kit said he’s donating land for a China-style instant hospital
  3. Guangdong officials said they’d waive their rules to ensure food can be delivered to Hong Kong
  4. Hong Kong food shops pledged to discount staple items and freeze prices for other items
  5. Sino Group’s Robert Ng Chee Siong said he’d bought 280,000 test kits to give out free
  6. China’s high-speed “modular” building firms said they would construct hospitals as needed
  7. The city’s favorite pop stars, Mirror, said they’d work to encourage young fans to play their part
  8. Mainland test-kit manufacturers said they would prioritize distribution of their products to Hong Kong people
  9. The Coalition, a club of top Hong Kong business people, said they’d focus on caring for low-income workers such as cleaners and security guards
  10. Community groups pledged to provide teams of supporters for the needy in all of Hong Kong’s 18 districts
  11. Hoteliers said they’d provide rooms and halls in their properties for the use of the health departmentotelHotel
  12. Employers pledged to give staff the choice of working from home

Image shows modular building from the HK Buildings Department (top) and a temporary hospital outside the Asia World Expo (below). Faces, from left to right, are Hong Kong health coordinator Chuang Shuk-kwan, singer Ian Chan, developer Robert Ng, and conglomerate boss Richard Li

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