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‘U.S. aims to turn Taiwan into giant arms depot’

SEE THAT HEADLINE? “U.S. Aims to Turn Taiwan Into Giant Weapons Depot”.

This is not from the news spoof website called The Onion. This is an ACTUAL HEADLINE in the New York Times today.

The article doesn’t present this as a bizarre and incredibly dangerous thing to do. It presents it as an ordinary news item. The UK royal family has a new dog, Kanye West said something about something, and, by the way, the U.S. is aiming to Turn Taiwan Into a Giant Weapons Depot.

America will “transform Taiwan into a porcupine, an entity bristling with armaments”, the paper reports. The New York Times argument is that more guns means more safety – a principle that almost every other country in the world knows is not true.

But read between the lines and it’s just the western media doing it’s thing, which is drumming up customers for weapons firmss. “US officials are discussing how to streamline the sale-and-delivery process,” the paper says.

The West is pushing the line that peace is everybody in the world living in a westernized system.  But that’s not peace – peace is when people all over the planet can have their own cultures while living in harmony.

No need for guns.

This item is also available as a video.

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