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Time to stop the demonization

Too many news outlets, large and small, are portraying China as Nazi Germany. This report can read below or viewed as a video.

A New York Times writer today said Chinese efforts to fight Covid in Xi’an were reminiscent of the spirit of evil that led to the Holocaust.

Seriously? Yes.

From the New York Times

The media is hooked on Nazi language. Here below is the lowbrow New York Post associating Xi Jinping with Hitler — see the caption.

And here are relatively highbrow publications like the Hill and the Guardian doing similar things.

That’s why French re-education camps were called just that, but Chinese ones are called “concentration camps”.

This is from an Australian newspaper.

Here’s a TV news show from India.

Anyone who understands English knows that you can’t use the word “genocide” to describe a cultural group that is growing – but the word is used because it is associated with the Nazis. Those quotes are from CBS and the BBC.

Now the UK Guardian reported China’s “atrocity of the century” while forgetting to tell readers that their source worked for US intelligence, the greatest producer of creative fiction today.

How many people have died from the current wave of covid in Xi’an? Zero. So, not exactly a holocaust then, New York Times writers. In New York, incidentally, 50 people die of covid every single day. But that’s not a problem?

What the media’s doing is not journalism – it’s demonization. Time to stop. Nelson Mandala said: ‘When we dehumanize and demonize our opponents, we abandon the possibility of peacefully resolving our differences.’

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