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Thousands to meet in anti-Sinophobia protest

THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE of all ethnicities, sexes and ages, are set to meet in London to protest against the demonization of Chinese people and others.

Members of the Society for Anglo-Chinese Understanding (SACU) in the UK will be a key part of the March 18 protest, in partnership with at least six other groups which oppose racism.

The protest will take place in London’s Portland Place, outside the offices of the BBC, a global leader in the western media campaign to demonize the Chinese.

The number of physical and verbal attacks on Chinese people have skyrocketed around the world in tandem with negative media portrayals.

Joining the Anglo-Chinese friendship group will be the Campaign Against Racism Group, Stand Up To Racism, End Violence and Racism Against East and Southeast Asian Communities, Stop Asian Hate UK, Trade Union Congress Anti-Racism Taskforce, and the World Against Racism.

A statement from SACU said: “Last year, over 10,000 people took to the streets of London as part of the global day of protest for UN Anti-Racism Day. SACU stood with them, spreading awareness of the rise in Sinophobia and anti-southeast Asian sentiment.”

A series of meetings of Five Eyes intelligence groups in 2017 and 2018 was followed by a sharp rise in media narratives demonizing China and Chinese people.

There has been a huge rise in acts of violence against Chinese or Chinese-looking people in the west. These rise in tandem with periodic reports portraying Chinese people negatively, and in particular with those alleging “lab leaks”. Western journalists in recent days started pushing a massive new round of such reports, causing a rise in gun purchases among East Asians in America.

People around the world can help by writing about their support, and using the hashtags: #NotoSinophobia and #WorldAgainstRacism.

Past experience shows the media will not cover the protest.

Image at the top by fauxels/ Pexels

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