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Strong performance in the past, good prospects ahead

TIME HAS REALLY FLOWN over the past five years. That’s what one feels when considering the Standing Committee’s work report for the 13th National People’s Congress. So much has been achieved at a good pace.

Laws have been formulated, revised and explained, decisions have been made on legal and related matters, and resolutions have been passed. Work reports have been scrutinized, consultations have been conducted, and research has been made into numerous topics internally and externally—and of course there’s the progress made with the wide array of recommendations from deputies.

Image: 維基小霸王/ Wikimedia Commons

Not only did we become the second largest economy in the world and contributed tremendous moment to world economic growth, we successfully eradicated absolute poverty. About 98% of the deputies have expressed their satisfaction with the NPC. As such, I feel honoured and proud to serve as a deputy.   


In the past term, the NPC has taken a close interest in Hong Kong’s development.

During the third year, the decision was taken on the establishment and upgrading of the city’s legal system and enforcement mechanisms so that national security and the safety of Hong Kong could be safeguarded. The passage of the law has steered the city back on track, safeguarded Hong Kong people’s lives and property, and guaranteed national security, enabling the transition from chaos to stability.

Hong Kong’s John Lee Ka-chiu with Xi Jinping. Image: 中国新闻网 / Wikimedia Commons.

During the fourth year, the NPC made the decision to revise the electoral system to ensure that Hong Kong was administered by people who support the city and the country. It ensured that the principle of “One Country Two Systems” was implemented steadfastly, and continued to offer robust legal protection for our city to evolve to a state where it can have prosperity and stability on a long-term basis.    


Looking ahead since our country has embarked on opening-up and reform, state bodies will move ahead with various institutional reforms, to stay abreast with the times and with the progress of social development.

The latest reform of institutions in the State Council are truly forward-looking and necessary for implementation.

In financial industries and some sectors which need careful management, working together in concert with unity of mind is necessary. I believe that the establishment of a national data bureau is a wise step to keep abreast of what’s happening in the current era, as data security and national security are closely connected.

Information is power, so China will have a new National Data Bureau, it was announced. Image: Chris Liverani on Unsplash.

Protection of intellectual property rights is crucial to enhance foreign enterprises’ confidence and attract them to invest in China with top-notch technology.

Also, it is reasonable to streamline staffing in state institutions to mark a new era in development. The wave of automation and digitalization should enhance the efficiency of civil servants, so a move on reducing 5% of staffing is reasonable.

Therefore, I support the Central Government’s plan on reforming the institutions of the State Council to strive for excellence, based on the ultimate interests of the people.

Dr Herman Hu Shao-ming is a Hong Kong Deputy to the National People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China.

Image at the top by Zheng Zhou/ Wikimedia Commons.

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