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Most HK age groups hit the 90% jabbed mark

MOST AGE GROUPS in Hong Kong have reached, surpassed or are fast approaching a 90 per cent jabbed rate, with families way ahead.

PARENTS LEAD: “Mum and dad” age groups are ahead, with the 50-somethings at 92% and 40-somethings at a remarkable 96.6%.  

GRANDPARENTS JOINING: The oldies have been slow but are catching up, with the largest group by far, the 60s, at 83.5%. The much smaller 70s group is at 71% and climbing.

GREAT-GRANDMA NOT FUSSED: The smallest group, the 80 to 100, are still behind, at 42%. Workers at elderly care homes say they have a different attitude to impending departures, which I fully understand from my own elderly family members.

TEENS OVERTAKE 20s: The teens are catching up fast with their parents, and at 90% have overtaken the 20s.

CHILDREN: Parents of young children are moving fast. The 3 to 11 age group was only recently added, but already 17% have had at least one jab.

OVERALL: Vaccine acceptance is high, and Hong Kong people in general are showing a strong level of cohesiveness and co-operation in fighting Covid. There have been no anti-restrictions protests.

I know many Hong Kong is being portrayed as being hard hit by the latest wave, but it’s worth seeing things in context. The total number of COVID-19 deaths reported in London hospitals is 17,783, while in Hong Kong it’s about 300.

Stay strong, Hongkongers!

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